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It has slightly less plow through, but you feel the stringbed better. Side Note -- the info and breakdown that Tennis Warehouse gave on the differences between Babolat models was very very helpful!From: Sean, 5/26/21Arvada, CO, USA, Comments: After a lot of reading, I decided to buy one of these because I was wanting to move on from my Head beginner's racquet. Iron Grenadiers Members, The volley was solid; it lacks a little bit of feel on touch or drop-shot volley. Higher string tension not only provides more control but also increases the dwell time of the ball on the strings. I previously played with the Pure Drive 2015, and this far overshadows the 2015 model. Do you have the right tennis string in your tennis racquet? I've also played with the Pure Aero, Pure Strike, and the Pure Drive in my opinion beat them both by a long shot. Completed stringing Babolat 2021. Whether you are installing a new tennis court, doing maintenance on an existing one, or simply looking for the tennis court dimensions, youve come to the right place. It is a very easy racquet to play. Get replacement grommets for the 2021 Pure Drive here. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 stringing tie up. My big complaint is quality control. Players looking for extra power in a racquet that's easy to swing. To optimize the performance of your Pure Drive with a 1619 string pattern, its generally recommended to choose a higher string tension. The 2021 version has a lighter swingweight. L5 (4 5/8") 4 and 5/8" (4.625 inches) Description. Happy to have found it. I did though find easy power with the racquet, but boy it is heavy in the head. It is super easy to swing, and with a full, fast swing this racquet really shines. My 0.02. Below are the listed unstrung specs. The Pure Drive is a racquet which can compliment multiple ability levels and game styles and the 2021 version continues the tradition of a powerful, mobile, and a user friendly racquet. Comments: Good racquet! It's my first real upgrade from my beginner racquet and I couldn't be happier. Babolat usually release new updates to their racquets every three years. With a leather grip and six grams of tungsten tape at 3 and 9 o'clock. " /> Very lightweight.From: Erika, 4/21/21, Comments: Best racquet I've ever owned. Serves as expected; can easily hit the flat serve or slice out wide with ease. It's very versatile so you can also get a lot of spin out of it. When it comes to finding the right tension for your Babolat Pure Drive, theres no one-size-fits-all answer. Key: M = Main String C = Cross String T = Top of Frame B = Bottom of Frame S = Short Side Main String Measurement (Used For One Piece Stringing) Babolat Tennis Racquet Stringing Patterns I did also feel like this racquet handled flatter shots better than the 2018 version, which . Now at a lower level, the balance and weight of the racquet help me to swing easier and be precise with my shots. In the 2021 version, Babolat has added something called an HTR system, which is a different layup supposed to give more power. Babolats new HTR system gives the racquet a new lay up composition to help convert fast swings into explosive shots. I can feel the ball connection much more on this one. Celebrities Who Married Scientists, It was strung with VS Gut in the mains at 55 pounds and RPM Blast in the crosses at 52 pounds. I like the regular length as it gave me more movement at the net - and the same power from the baseline really. It came in less than a week with no issues at all! How do you control the power? Find the right string for your game with the latest tennis strings from Babolat, offering spin, comfort, feel, power, control, and durability. I love the sturdiness of the frame, it feels solid at the net, and groundstrokes are effortless. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Recommended String Tension Babolat recommends a tension range of 23-27 kg or 50/59 lbs, based on their extensive testing. My racquet was, however, a bit over spec: 306g, 32.3 cm balance, and 300 SW (!). Apply Filters. Sufficient power and stability with comfort. 25 products. As with previous versions of the, Babolat Pure Drive/+/Team/Lite/Tour/Tour+ Grommet 2021, Exclusive Offers Sent Right to Your Inbox. Strung with a full bed of poly or hybrid poly setup, I still get great pop with adequate control. Really easy to play with, very easy to generate power for any area on court. Orders over $50 will ship for free! . . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I think Babolat has gone to great lengths to fix this issue. Good customization service from TW this time. The Strike was stiffer - a bit clunky and head heavy in a way I didn't like. The best tennis racquets for spin and control, The best 100 sq inch racquets on the market, The Best Control Racquets Top Ten Racquets for Control, The Best 95 sq inch racquets on the market. Especially like the penetration on the slice backhand, ball stays low and skids as expected. Added power on serves once you find the sweetspot and lots of action on spin serves. Celebrities Who Married Scientists, This was my first new racquet purchase in quite awhile, so trying to find something that fit my game after some time away was a bit daunting. It is now my primary racquet and I am very happy with it. In the case of new Pure Drive, it's made from the same mold as the 2018 edition, but it's more dampened and offers a slightly softer and more muted feel. So after demo-ing new racquets, it was very hard not to go back to Yonex and I still may at some point. This is a Pure Drive that plays like a Pure Drive with a nice solid feel. I've tried them all since they first appeared a few decades ago and none have had the comfort level of the 2021. But wait, what string tension should you choose for your Babolat Pure Drive? I can hit flat hitters without hitting long. Picked up this new Pure Drive about a week ago and love it. It is a great racquet by Babolat. The slice is amazing and improved from the 2018 version. The reason people get tennis elbow is because there racket is too light and there technique is abbreviated. Great job, Babolat!From: BK, San Jose, CA 6/19/21, Comments: The racquet is excellent. It is easier to fend off hard shots, return serve, keep the ball deep. If you want a racquet that enables an ease to your game then demo the Pure Drive. I strung it at the lower-spectrum of tension and it works like a charm. The video put by tennis warehouse helped me chose perfect racquet. Find the right string for your game with the latest tennis strings from Babolat, offering spin, comfort, feel, power, control, and durability. From: Eric, 3/12/21, Comments: Purchase for my son after he broke strings in three racquets during a match. Gather all necessary equipment, including a stringing machine, string, starting clamp, pliers, and scissors. Racquet has power, control and gives me confidence. Additionally, there are several videos on YouTube, where you can watch the exact process. The 2021 Pure Drive is set up perfectly for this and gives you tons of both power and spin. @Babolat, Tennis / / / /, Pickleball / / / /, Padel / / / /, Badminton / / / /. I absolutely love the 2021 Pure Drive and love the freshness it gave to my game. Tension: Stringing information for Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Racquets: Tension range 50 to 59 pounds, optimum 54 pounds. You can try yourself and see how you fair, but at your own risk. What stands out most is that it feels like an extension of my hand and arm. Performers At Inauguration 2021, This racquet has great feel and gives me a lot of control when I play. I see you thought this racket was to heavy for your taste. Lets get started! When people say "you have to control the power" what does that mean? To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. I compared it to the 2018 model, and I do prefer the feel of the 2021 version better. We will match or beat any posted overall price advertised in-store or online on in stock items. $229.00. Let's look at what's new in the 2021 Pure Drive. I have seen several now brand new with more chips than my 6 year old racquet. However, for the time being, I decided on Babolat. I never have to think about things on a big rally: just point and shoot! Off-center hits seem more forgiving than the previous model, not sure if it was changing my strings or the new racquet tech, but either way it's a good thing. I have been a TW customer for over 15 years.From: David, 6/2/21 Orlando, Fl. Strung with a very stiff polyester string, Yonex Poly Tour Drive. I've had arm issues with the soft flexing Prestige in my youth and so far, I haven't had any issues with the Pure Drive, even after two hours of play. On a stiff frame, it sounds like a disaster, but the frame felt great. If POWER is what you want, the Pure Drive is an obvious demo. Continue to string the racket, alternating between the left and right sides until all strings have been installed. Although from a specs perspective it's identical to the 2018 Pure Drive, the main differences I immediately felt was the 2021 model is more muted, and has less feel versus the 2018 version. Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16G Tennis String, Top Rated 5 Best Tennis Rebounder Nets | Unbiased Reviews In 2022, HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racket Review Advance Technology Lightweight Racquet In 2022, How To Stretch Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet? A word of caution though, bad stroke mechanics could lead to tennis elbow with any stiffer racquet. I did notice some control issues, but this is to be expected in the first session. Very happy with my selection! Babolat Pure Aero: The Racquet of Choice for Rafael Nadal, Pure Aero String Pattern Easy 3-Step Guide, Pure Aero Stiffness: From Tennis Elbow to Power, Pure Strike vs Pure Aero How to Pick Your Champion in 3 Easy Steps, Babolat Pure Aero String Tension 3 Step Checklist, Wilson vs Head Which Brand is Better? 3.5 skill level, playing 2-3 times/week. The Pure Drive 2021 gave me a lot of spin on the serve, and it is very easy to serve wide on deuce or wide on the ad side. I strung it at 48 pounds and tried both RPM Power 17 gauge and RPM Rough 17 gauge. There is no weight or plow-through to speak of. On the other hand, if you want more control, you can opt for a higher tension in the range of 54-56 lbs. If that is true dont try the tour version. I would love to hear some tips on "controlling the power" otherwise I will be hitting a lot balls out. The slice is amazing and improved from the 2018 version. I played with the Wilson Blade 98 v7 for a few years and recently demo'd the Babolat and then made the purchase. He was It can also make enough spin on the ball. Head Size:100 in / 645.16 cm Factors necessary to choose best strings: WILSON US OPEN JUNIOR TENNIS RACQUET REVIEW, BEST TENNIS RACQUETS FOR HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS, BEST TENNIS RACQUETS FOR INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED PLAYERS, BEST TENNIS SHOES FOR WALKING ON CONCRETE, 1. 16/19 pattern can possess more space. I also bought a Pure Strike, but returned it for a back-up Pure Drive. $229.00. He didn't think it had as much pop I did also feel like this racquet handled flatter shots better than the 2018 version, which tended to launch balls on me from time to time. However, it also means that the strings will move more, which can lead to a loss of tension over time. I'm not sure if its due to excessive play (I do admit I've been playing more than 3x a week) or if it has anything to do with the racquet weight. I love the smooth satin like paint and it is more comfortable as you hold the frame on volleys and return of serve. as the 2018 model, but after hitting a few winners on me, he's sticking with it. It took a bit to adjust to the frame, but my first impression was that it had power to spare. It offers great power, control and spin. However, Im adjusting . It's light and fast, but has a ton of power. It arrived the day after I ordered it!From: Greg, 12/4/20, Comments: Love my new racquet! Babolat's most popular performance racket line received technological upgrades with the launch of the brand-new Babolat Pure Drive 2021. Strung at 55 pounds with Hyper-G.From: Luis, 2/16/21, Comments: I am a 3.5 level baseline player; ALU Power at 50 pounds; switched from a Pure Strike to the Pure Drive. I have just as much pop as my Pure Aero Plus, perhaps more, and this frame is so much more versatile. Manage Settings It's no wonder the Pure Drive is one of most popular and versatile racquets in the world. Guys this was my last test, this racquet will give you tennis elbow, so for me it's not worth keeping. Easy to say that the Pure Drive was not on my racquet radar, but I was looking for something to give me some ease of play, I am getting older, so I tried the new Pure Drive on a whim. So the limited amount I've been able to play, like maybe 10 times, I'm leaning toward the Pure Drive being my favorite. But the durability of that setup will not be great. At Babolat, we know tennis string. I highly recommend it. When Someone Thinks They Are Better Than You Meme, I am intermediate player. I have been using it for high school and it has really good power and really good feel. Don't be fooled by the imitations like the Yonex Ezone or Wilson Ultra. 877-316-9435 NOTE: Add 1 foot to each measurement in the LENGTH column when using Co-Poly, Polyester or Kevlar strings. Are you sure you want to remove the following product from the cart? I played with a Yonex R-22 and I loved that racquet! Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. (Side note: Solinco currently makes the best strings out there. I tested it, and bought two, strung with Babolat RPM Blast at 55 pounds.From: Paul, 10/29/20, Comments: I have been a Pure Drive used for over six years but am disappointed with the 2021 model. I may not be the right person to be writing a helpful review since I haven't played much tennis since my senior year of high school in 1988.34 years ago! It plays like heaven on the court! The upshot is a speedy sub 11 ounce racquet that gives rising intermediate players an explosive weapon. Just feels like I'm doing all the work with absolutely zero help from the racquet, and not to mention that the two I received have wild variations in specs due to poor quality control. Ontario Public Library Catalogue, I had to add weight to add power. I played with a Pure Drive in high school back in the early 2000s. After doing research on TW I went with a synthetic gut strung at 52 pounds and it's been like night and day comfort level! Instructions on what to do next are clear and support is excellent. The Pure Drive 110 offers more power than the Pure Drive thanks to the oversize head. The paint job is the best I've seen from them. It can be a very strong weapon if you can control the power of this racquet.From: Tae, 2/5/21, Comments: I have played a Pure Aero Plus for the last four years and found myself in the middle of a snow storm and unable to pick my racquets from the stringer, so I had to play with my wife's new Pure Drive. And dont forget to keep an eye on your string pattern and restring your racket regularly to ensure that youre always playing with a fresh set of strings. One way to improve comfort is to string this racquet with a multifilament like Tecnifibre Triax or Wilson NXT which will give you even more pop. Ontario Public Library Catalogue, It's no wonder the Pure Drive is one of most popular and versatile racquets in the world. The combination of high stiffness and light weight means good control if you learn to use it right, but also elbow or shoulder problems if you are not used to it or don't have a perfect stroke (and maybe even if you do). This racquet is a great choice if you're looking for something new. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Mar 17, 2021. Both felt great. Everything worked very well with my purchase, delivery process and the Babolat racquet I bought at Tennis Warehouse. This racquet is incredible. I would only purchase from Tennis Warehouse as their customer service is the best! Release the racket from the stringing machine and inspect the strings for any imperfections or signs of wear. The price of the string will be added to your order once processed. I strung it with Hyper-G 17 at 50 pounds. - YouTube Completed stringing Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 4 3/8 grip with Tourna 300-CS crank machine. It just so happened that it snowed just before the Are you able to swing naturally without feeling like youre fighting against the racket? I've always preferred the Aero line over the Drive, but this version produces spin effortlessly with much easier access to power, full, fast swings, than the Aero line without losing control. With the Pure Drive Team, Babolat puts the legendary spin, power and precision of the standard Pure Drive into a lighter, more user-friendly package. However, as weve discussed in this article, there are some general guidelines you can follow. From: Andre, 3/8/21. However, its important to keep in mind that higher tensions can also lead to a loss of power and potentially cause discomfort for players with arm injuries or sensitivity. I really hope Babolat the other big tennis brands can follow Yonex in their approach to quality control. If you are not sure yet, about whether you should go for the Pure Drive or not, you can check out our Pure Drive Review for some unique insights. The racquet is very powerful and if you have big strokes, you will need a lot of spin to bring the ball down. I strung mine with Cyclone 16 at 56 pounds. All in all, this is a wonderful frame and I am considering a switch as my Aero Plus racquets are getting a little long in the tooth. Performers At Inauguration 2021, CDL Technical & Motorcycle Driving School Email:, CopyRight 2018 CDL Technical & Motorcycle Driving School, Hours of Service (Log Books) 8 Hours Certification Course, CMV Driver Knowledge & Skills Evaluation 6 Hours Certificatrion Course, CDL 6 Hours Preparation Course Class B-Truck, P-Bus, S-Bus, CDL 10 Hours Preparation Course Class A, B-Truck, P-Bus, S-Bus, COURSES CDL 20 Hours Preparation Course Class A, B-Truck, P-Bus, S-Bus, Heavy Commercial 40 Hours CDL Class A Tractor Trailer Certification Course, COURSES Light Commercial 40 Hour CDL Class B\P-Bus, S-Bus Certification Course, CDL Class A 80 Hours Intermediate Tractor Trailer Certification Course, babolat pure drive 2021 stringing instructions, When Someone Thinks They Are Better Than You Meme. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Flat, topspin and slice, with easy power and penetration. This is the real deal. From: Rich, Wyckoff, NJ 6/19/21, Comments: Best racket I have hit with! I bought one for my son last year (2021) and getting one for myself today (2022). I'm glad I did.From: Mark, 12/9/20, Comments: My last racquet was two generations earlier of this racquet. The racquet I selected is the Team, it is much lighter than my Tour Plus. I have never experienced tennis elbow before, but after switching from the previous model to this one I have encountered terrible tennis elbow. Yes, I use a dampener. String pattern: 16/19. I am also so impressed with the Tennis Warehouse's customer service, that I will continue to purchase my tennis equipment from them. It's got a lot of power. Find the racquet stringing pattern for your Tennis, Racquetball, Squash, or Badminton racquet and start stringing today. It feels so "solid" as you strike the ball. From: David, United States 8/8/21, Comments: Great demo program! It drives really well, with nice plow through, and even though I never needed an open string pattern for spin generation, the spin from this racquet is a nice bonus. The nice thing about this, is that it makes it as easy as any racket to hit that heavy ball, and for . Just a very solid all around racquet. Also, it has great touch, and I feel the improvement in comfort with this new Pure Drive. Performers At Inauguration 2021, I like the extra weight of this vs my previous Team racquet, too. Some Restrictions Apply. He taped it back up and installed another overgrip on top of it for me(way prettier than I could ever could do it), but I was kind of distraught. The Pure Drive makes power accessible to tons of playing styles thanks in part to the light 10.6 ounce unstrung weight, and spacious 100 square inch head. Your tennis string is a personal choice unique to your game. To make sure youre getting the most out of your Babolat Pure Drive, we recommend restringing your racket at least once every 3-6 months, depending on how often you play. Time will tell, I guess. The stability at net is excellent. Stringing a Babolat Aero Pro Drive Tennis Racquet 14,161 views Sep 14, 2016 52 Dislike Share Save TennisBySpize 991 subscribers How to String a Tennis Racquet Follow me on instagram. Tips & Tricks In 2022. A bigger sweetspot and a maximum power for all . Why is there a nail in Robin Soderlings Key update SWX Pure Feel to dampen vibrations, Easy to use, but difficult to control for players who hit big. By following these steps, you can ensure that your Babolat Pure Drive is strung correctly and is ready for top-notch performance on the court. Some Restrictions Apply. Currently Refined by Category: Strings. Perhaps, expensive and the gut may not last if you hit with a good amount of topspin. Visit us at 10771 Westpark Drive, Houston TX 77042, Get replacement grommets for the 2021 Pure Drive, Strung 11.2 oz / 318 g A 4.0 NTRP player. So, next time you head out to the court, youll be armed with the knowledge and confidence to get the most out of your Babolat Pure Drive and take your game to the next level. If new frames are released, they will be added to this database as soon as possible. He's only 10 and he likes shinny new things. Slices deeply too. Ability to add spin is also much enhanced.

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