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As I made my way closer to the object, the area opened up and I could clearly see a hammock and a [redacted word] laying in the hammock.. As of mid-October, Search and Rescue teams with five K-9 Units from the Utah Search Dogs and a drone operator from the Grand Canyon National Park Emergency Service Team were trying to locate Holly. I came to a small social path that looked unused but led to an area of dense vegetation. A spokesperson with the Washington County Sheriff's Office told FOX 13 that the department closed the investigation into Holly Courtier last year, and no claims of fraud were substantiated. (Rick Bowmer | AP file photo) This Sept. 15, 2015, file photo, shows Zion National Park near Springdale. This comes after Holly Suzanne Courtier, 38, was reported missing for two weeks in October 2020. WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah Law enforcement officials say no fraud was uncovered during an investigation into a woman who disappeared for nearly two weeks in Zion National Park. She was found safely on Sunday, the authorities said. "In this case, the harm to personal privacy is greater than whatever public interest may be served by disclosure and would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of privacy. Cashin spoke to an observation that there are inconsistencies, theysaid. The Washington County Sheriffs office has opened an investigation into the 12-day disappearance of Holly Suzanne Courtier in Zion National Park. As KSL reports, the Washington County Sheriffs Office announced in a news release earlier this week that it would be opening an investigation in response to numerous tips indicating the incident was possibly conceived and carried out as part of a plan to fraudulently generate money to a GoFundMe account for Courtiers recovery., The GoFundMe campaign launched on October 15 by one of Courtiers sisters raised nearly $12,000 before it closed to new donations. The logs mostly state "nothing found, no clues" as they detail the routes they have searched that day. Her levels of her kidney function were very bad. Listen to the latest episode: North Carolina Cop, Wife Found Shot Dead in Fayetteville Home, We Have Zero Leads: $80,000 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Man Who Gunned Down Texas Family, Missing: 18-Year-Old Mom Takes Toddler Son From Dads During Supervised Visit. Holly's daughter posted a video on a social media site that tries to repair & normalize their actions but never explains the oddities and discrepancies. As to what exactly happened to Courtier during those 12 days and why, the sheriffs office said it didnt believe it was their role to uncover. 2. 12 days later she was found after some visitors to the park spotted her . That apparently includes law enforcement officers and other park officials because those names are blacked out, too. "Ranger [redacted] advised [redacted] was able to walk to the roadway approximately 1,000 feet. The disappearances of persons in national parks over the years have concluded more favorably in recent years with improvements in technology and the amount of resources available to aid in searches in national parks. When a person goes missing in a national park, the disappearance is usually attributed to the missing person having ran afoul of nature or misadventure, a non-human element that has caused them to come to harm and are unable to call for help. According to her daughter, I do know there are freshwaters streams she is able to get water from, but without food, we are running a few days on her survival so this is very crucial. In the correspondence, Zion's Deputy Chief Ranger Andrew Fitzgerald said he "loved" Cashin's statements. Holly Courtier had arrived in the area of the park on October 6 by virtue of a private shuttle bus that was meant to pick her up from the park the same day. This suggests strongly that she did indeed return to her car during the time she claimed to "LOST". Still unexplained are how she got lost in such a busy part of Utahs most heavily visited national park and why it took so long to find her. Sheriffs Sgt. They scoured Emerald Pools, Lady Mountain and West Rim places reachable from the Grotto trailhead and other spots but failed to find her. But that entire narrative is blacked out except for a few phrases, such as stated that. The primary 10-page report on the search is mostly redacted. Maps included chronicle the movement of the search and rescue team throughout the 12-day search. On the day of the rescue, two rangers were searching the Grotto Trailhead at 11:30 a.m. when they found a large blue backpack in some vegetation, which led them to Courtier in the hammock. She was well equipped e.g. Her sister said "Once she hit her head, she did not have the energy to walk out. HOLLY Courtier is a Utah mother who was found alive in Zion national park after she went missing on a hiking trip. Why Utahs independent bookstore network is thriving, Utah hydrologic outlook warns of rising waterways due to snowmelt as temperatures heat up, Higher densities may be coming soon to your SLC neighborhood. They said: We are overjoyed that she was found safely today. She was a lucky lady, after suffering a head injury, reportedly after hitting her head on a branch whilst She was missing for nearly two weeks, until rescuers found her safely on Sunday. The parks public information officer, Amanda Roland, said at the time of the disappearance, that beauty and danger go hand in hand in Zion, There is a vastness.Zion has massive sandstone Cliffs, there are a lot of canyons and a lot of wilderness. On October 6, Holly was dropped off at the Zion national park by a private shuttle. Holly Suzanne Courtier, 38, was found by a visitor who alerted park officials on Sunday. Before her disappearance, Courtier - described as an experienced hiker - was on a road trip to visit several parks after she lost her job as a nanny because of the coronavirus pandemic. Courtier had a Sharpie with her, her sister says, and would mark how many days had passed on a tree nearby. There are two reports from October 18, when she was rescued, but neither werein the area she was found nor detail how she was found. In an interview with ABC4 News on Oct. 20, liaison of the sheriffs search and rescue Sgt. She had been in the park for 12 days without food and water, losing 15 pounds in weight. Cashin and the NPS, as well as others, about Courtier's case. She intended to hike the Kayenta trail towards Emerald Pools. Holly Courtier, 38, was reported missing Oct. 6 and found safe Oct. 18. A lot of the info was redacted, obviously to avoid getting sued by Holly for revealing private info. Cashin says its a high possibility Courtier would have died if she was drinking the river water for 12 days. I think she bit off more than she could chew. The remainder of the narrative is largely redacted and reveals only that the searcher escorted Courtier to the road. Holly Courtier was dropped off at the Grotto parking area by a private shuttle and was scheduled to be picked up at 4.40 pm the same day. The search efforts cost the Park $60,000+ (not including what was spent privately). Apparently suffering from dehydration, weight loss and bruises, she was reunited with her family and taken to a hospital, according to published reports. - https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/12/17/zion-national-park/. Updated. Both Cashin and Fitzgerald stated they believed she might be dead or jumped, and discussed searching with cadaver dogs. Strong said the family took Courtier to the emergency room and a doctor allegedly diagnosed her with a concussion, although the family said Holly had decided to forgo an MRI or CAT scan. If you are working a missing person case its important not to over look cell phone forensics and deleted data recovery. She was a lucky lady, after suffering a head injury, reportedly after hitting her head on a branch whilst setting up her hammock. Cashin also questioned how Courtier was able to survive for nearly two weeks alone without food and with little water, as her family said. The teen son of a wealthy businessman is arrested weeks after a fatal cash in West Los Angeles. Certain aspects of the case seem peculiar, even though her family denies any wrongdoing. The description of the areas searched and NOTHING found suggest strongly that she moved her "makeshift camp" around to different areas whenever she was seen so as to stay hidden. E121 BREAKING NEWS! Darrell Cashin, from Washington County Sheriff's Search and Rescue, who helped the search-and-rescue effort, said he had questions about Courtier's story and pointed out discrepancies. Darrell Cashin commented on the circumstances of Courtiers recovery that were inconsistent with his 25 years of training and experience. The park service stated that the deletions were all justified by the need to protect the privacy of all involved. Officials found no evidence that Courtier had committed a crime. Holly Courtier was found alive on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Courtier was luckily seen by another person visiting the park, leading to her safe recovery. Anyone wanting to ride the shuttle MUST pre-purchase a pass and the "waiting list" is long so you have to buy them days - even weeks in advance. and it's been this way all summer long. Donate to the newsroom now. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Washington County Sheriffs office via email at tips@washeriff.net. "If we had found somebody in that condition with that kind of severe head injury, we would have at minimum called for a transport agency to check her out. Click here for all files related to the investigation. The doctor was shocked she was so dehydrated. The day after Courtier was rescued, her daughter told CNN that Courtier became disoriented after hitting her head on a tree, and chose to stay near a water source the Virgin River believing it was her best chance of survival. He wasn't there.". Whatever the case for your loved ones disappearance, a private investigator can be extremely helpful in finding and bringing back your loved one. Now, the park has releasedthe investigation into the disappearance and rescue. The Park Service released their report - heavily redacted. is approximately 210,000 every year. The daughter also said that she and her mother, who both live in southern California, had visited Zion National Park together the previous month. Doesn't this blow away Holly's claim that she just hopped in her car spontaneously and drove all night (back in early October and didn't have a phone so she couldn't have ordered them online) to get to Zion & ride the shuttle? WebHolly's previous trip to Zion National Park - just two weeks before her disappearance - was a planning trip to map out her plans and set up for her disappearance (maybe she even stashed food & water) also a search & rescue expert from Zion also says he is certain she faked this and gives reasons why at 12:22. The statement, however, sparked an online frenzy toward the family, especially Kailey Chambers, Courtier's daughter. On Oct. 19, Zion National Park spokesperson Amanda Rowland released a statement regarding the Oct. 18 rescue of Holly Suzanne Courtier, a 38-year-old from Los Angeles who was last seen Oct. 6 exiting a shuttle at The Grotto shuttle stop, which is the starting point for several trails, including Angels Landing and the West Rim Trail. She was praying to be found, and we were all praying to find her. The fact that that didnt happen tells me that they did not find any significant injury to her that wouldve prompted them to do that.. Its not a crime, and its not under our jurisdiction, so we ended it where we did., A Zion official told ABC4 News on Thursday the parks final report will be made public as soon as possible.. The sister of missing hiker Holly Courtier has hit back at criticisms of her siblings story about disappearing for Video broadcast Thursday March 11, 2021 on Today in LA. Holly Courtiers disappearance and recovery 12 days later, on Oct. 18, near the Virgin River, drew national media attention and lots of questions about her case. For Holly Courtiers family, they now have the answers they need and their loved one back in their embrace. The texts detail the correspondence between the two parties with daily updates on Courtier. The ranger's report said that when found, Holly was fully well enough and strong enough to walk 1,000 yards (almost 2/3 of a mile) to return to the Rangers' Station. Eventually, however, they understand there is something missing to the equation. In total, the hourly pay for all employees was $64,732.50. Courtiers family may have had to settle for an educated guess by law enforcement that she was attacked by a wild animal. Since her rescue, the circumstances of her disappearance have come under heavy scrutiny as park and law enforcement officials have raised questions about how she was able to survive on her own for nearly two weeks. On October 18, the 38-year-old mom turned up alive and unharmed in the park. Embarking on a spiritual journey, Courtier left California in the middle of the night and did not tell her family where was going, planning to disconnect from technology, pray and read the Bible, and fast, according to her family. We are also so grateful to the countless volunteers who were generous with their time, resources, and support.. Holly had been traveling the country visiting national parks since losing her job as a nanny because of the coronavirus pandemic. CNN Holly Courtier, the 38-year-old woman rescued after disappearing for nearly two weeks in Utahs Zion National Park, was severely dehydrated and had lost 15 It was that hammock that caught the attention of visitors traveling through the park, who alerted authorities. She did not make the return trip in the shuttle bus however. She was starting to show signs of her kidneys shutting down., Her mom went missing in Zion National Park. Security cameras at the entrances and exits of the park showed her entering, but not exiting. Could we have possibly figured out how it happened? Cashin says its a high possibility Courtier would have died if she was drinking the river water for 12 days. There was a lot of miscommunication, speculation, and sometimes it came to not having all the facts.. A subreddit dedicated to discussion of the mysterious case of Sherri Papini. In an exclusive interview with ABC4 News, Lt. David Crouse said How her story led to an online frenzy, How I reported on Holly Courtier and answers to your questions, 'Worst I've ever seen': First patrol since summer, rangers find human waste in Zion, Cashin Correspondence About Holly Courtier, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Holly Courtier, the 38-year-old woman rescued after disappearing for nearly two weeks in Utahs Zion National Park, was severely dehydrated and had lost 15 pounds when she was found earlier this week, her older sister told CNN. subscribe to the Crime Stories with Nancy Grace podcast. What is most interesting .. is that a sticker was placed on Holly's car for being parked too long in the parking area - but then the sticker was GONE the next day! Her family members also started a GoFundMe to aid Courtier's medical bills as she does not have health insurance. She also reportedly left her cell phone behind in California. She needs experienced hikers to help bring her home. Get the Android Weather app from Google Play, Holly Courtier planned to go on spiritual journey, fast inside Zion National Park, family says. Those are the types of questions I think everybody has. Zion National Park is an American national park located in southwestern Utah near the town of Springdale. There appear to be a few more people confirming that Holly & her family are now promoting certain hiking & clothing items online. "Rangers told us her hammock was seen by a little boy and his mom," Strong said. Strong says her sister went to the park to spend a day or two in nature. Shes an experienced hiker, knows Zion well and is capable of surviving in the parks rugged conditions, her family has said. 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