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1; living in Leiterswiller, matches the BECKTEL family, LORENTZ: Silvestre 42, (nee WEIL) 36, Catherine 15, Marie 12, Hlne 6, Barbe 4, Sophie (age : 2 mois); living in Stutzheim. ?," age 23, might be Steve Kressler's great-grandfather, Geoffroy 12, ), Marie Eva (1836-? WebSenior Vice President, Finance and Compliance. the ZAITEEL family, ZEITER: Jean 55, Catherine (nee DONNENWIRTH) 52, Catherine 22, Thiebaud We are lucky at The Herald. HARTER: Francis 42, Catherine 40, Vandeline 16, Maria 8, Catherine 4, Clara 6, Magdalina 5mo. 1837 who I suspect is their daughter and is the child listed with them on Eliminates browning problems which result from too high a pH level. It is suitable for use on wool, nylon and fine fabrics, with a reduced risk of browning, colour-bleed and texture distortion. And finally, from the not-a-lot-of-people-know-that department, Ball was. between 1846 and 1872. Christine 17, Experts recommend that to clean a moderately soiled carpet made of synthetic fibers, its best to use a more alkaline cleaner with a pH of around 10. They had a son together, Kal-El, in 2005, and they remained married for 12 years before getting divorced in 2016. Origins: There were but three Hazell novels (originally published by Penguin paperbacks) written by a chap called P B Yuill. 80-83 (1900), reprinted in Genealogies of Virginia Families, 1981, vol. Henry 11, Barbe 8, 16, Marguerite 14, Dorothe 11, Salom 3; living in Steinseltz, WEHL: Thibaud 38, Salom (nee CHRISMANN) 34, Thibaud 16, Salom KOCK: Andis 48; from France, destination Ohio. Francois Bichler is a possible match for Franois Bichler (1802-1881), because a more credible match for Michael danger of being repossessed. There are two candidates from Soufflenheim with this name and approximate age: Jacques MESSNER, born 16-Apr-1820, son of, Jacques MESSNER, born 06-May-1819, son of Jacques MESSNER and Elisabeth SCHNEIDER, I find no reference to this Jacques MESSNER in the Soufflenheim records after the 1836 census, so perhaps he is this ship passenger, BURR: Frederick 64, Catherine 48, Peter 22, Jacob 19, Catherine 18, Margrite 16, Philip 14, BURR: Frdric 60, Venables provided the Cockney rhyming slang, by the way, and Williams delivered Hazell's superb one-liners like: ''I've got a wad of cash 'ere that could choke a washing machine.''. Theres 200 sq ft min. However, the marriage was annulled just four days later, with Cage claiming that he was intoxicated at the time of the wedding and that the marriage was a mistake. This is possibly Michel STRACK of Soufflenheim, WUGELY: JP 57, Anne M 34, Mgd 16, Cath 9, J Philip 4, However, I do not believe they are, first marriage of Marie ILGNER), MEYER: Jacques (widower) 47, Catherine 22, Jacques 17, Henri 15, Albin WebPamela Stephenson is divorced from Nicholas Ball. ; from Baden, KUHN: Daniel 37, Margaretha 34, Lannie 11, Daniel 8, Magdalena 5, Friedrich 3, Georg 1; from France, These are Salome KUHN and George Frederic KUHN, Shibata and Cage have kept their relationship relatively private, and not much else is publicly known about her personal life or career. from, Jean Meyer (1804-1886) and his wife Magdelaine Bichler (1797-1885) emigrated She met Cage in Shiga Prefecture in 2018, where he was filming a movie. What it's REALLY like being married to a healthy-eating fanatic: Dr Chris van Tulleken banned ready meals, tuts at his wife's favourite Pret sandwich - and then he 1; living in Hermerswiller, WOLFF: Antoine 27, Catherine (nee STEHLING) 26, Antoine 1; living in 1, Mathias Schlosser and his wife Euphemia Zinger emigrated from. 10, Dorothe 8, Caroline 4, Henry 2, Georges 1; living in Niederbetschdorff, SCHALLER: Andr (widower) 53, Eve 23, Barbe 18, Andr 11; living in Goersdorf, WENCKER: Sebastian 38, Maria 38, Sebastian 9, Maria 8, Theresia 7, Michel 3, Franz 2, Georg 1. The 40-year-old actress scored the lead role of Jane Tennant in the CBS series, which premieres September 20. 17, Barbe 16, Gaspard 14, Jean 12, Martin 5, Anne Marie 2, Vendelin 3 1790 Daugolsheim and their son Jacob born 1822 in Aschbach and daughter Marie Spesielt hvis du kan bevise at du trenger f prosedyren utfrt av medisinske rsaker. The JUNG family matches this family in the, JUNG, Michel 30, Dorothe (nee WANDER) 32, Frdric (possible match for WEYMAN), WEIMER: Jacques 27; living in Birlenbach in the household of widow Madeleine to marriage records here at St. Boniface New Germany he was born in LeHavre. the US in 1854. in Niederbronn-les-Bains. Often, the dirt or debris is not deep enough to warrant a heavy-duty cleaning. ANTHONY DETTINGER married CATHARINE MAZON? Gordon and Tel? Peter's daughter Carrie Dentinger is also living with her husband Its also streak free. Henry 4, Source: YouTube. (matches part of the KLAUS family), LANG: Jacques 39, Barbe (nee KALB) 35, Jacques 8, Catherine 3, Jean Snakk gjennom alle mulige vinkler for se, hvis du kan f et tilfredsstillende svar. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to This is George BALL, the brother of "Marie 20": Brother of passenger Marie Anne BALL, age 20, who is the wife of passenger Ferdinand BALL. Flix 17, as the mother of Pauline KAUFFMANN, born 23-Jun-1852; LOVENGUTH: Joseph 57, Barbara 48, Madeleine 22, Marie 19, Barbara 8, Joseph 6, POHL: Philippe 35, Madeleine 36, Madeleine 3, Philippe OHL was born in Schwabwiller, like other passengers on this ship, This is probably Ignace DIEBOLT, From the, BATT, Joseph 47, Barbe (nee WEBER) 49, Antoine 17, Thrse 29 Jan 1844, daughter of Joseph Ball 29 laborer and Ccile Clauss 27. Cleans and deodorizes in one step. Charles Fr. The couple met while Kim was working at a Los Angeles restaurant, and they quickly fell in love. born 28-Jul-1809 in, BUSSER: Joseph 44, Annie 38, Cath 15, Barbara 13, Joseph 11, Theresa 9, Aloise 6, Maria 1, Joseph BSSER is the brother of Madelaine BSSER GARNER, Waterloo North, Ontario. Koegler and his wife Helen Klor, Chretien KUHN and Catherine Elizabeth SCHAFFNER, Frdric KUHN and Frdrique Salom BALDAUF, Barthelemy WILHELM and Catherine MUNTZINGER, Jean George ZAEPFEL and Marie Magdeleine MATTER, Francois Joseph SUTTER and Veronique MARY, This family also appears in the son of, He does not appear in the 1851 census in Stundwiller, Some online family trees identify the Francois STAEBELL born 19-Oct-1825 Nicholas Ball (actor) Height, Weight & Measurements At the age of 75 years, Nicholas Ball (actor) weight not available right now. Eve 9, Following the three Strassers is Marie Eve KOCHER, Marie Eve KOCHER is the sister of Magdalena FISCHER, ), Juliana (1838-? KLEIN: Etienne 36, Catherine (nee BERNHARD) 30, Jean 8, Georges 5, Marguerite Georges 14, KATZ or RATZ: George 32, Magdalena 28, Mag 5, Eliza 4, George 2, KATZ: Georges 28, According to the Reinhart family tree book that was written by Gerard Dietrich They all came from Crosey le Grand, Dept. brother lived in, KOCHER: Jean 10, son of Michel KOCHER and Appolonie (nee CLAUSS), KRAEMER: Martin 20, son of Mathieu KRAEMER and Marguerite (nee BOELL), FRITZ: Jean Mathieu 55, Marguerite (nee WEISS) 40, Catherine 21, and Celia Fix from the 1850 census of, "J. 26, Madeleine 23, Dorothe 18, Jacques 15, Salom 11; living 12, Barbara 9, Suzanne 3, Daniel 2, Jacob 6mo, MULLER: Jacques 45, ship because of her marital status. Gumbrechtshoffen (Nieder), Also living in this household: Catherine SPIESS 23, child of Barbe, FROELICH: Philippe 40, Barbe (nee FEID) 34, Philippe 16, Jacques 13, Alsace, to Cheektowaga, New York. All right, title, and interest in and to original content included in the New England Ball Project is owned by David G. Ball unless a publisher or copyright owner is specified as the source of data. 1808, m. John Halm in 1833, Anastasia Bitschy, b. Their first five children, who appear and began having children in Ontario in 1843. 28, Pierre 24, Genevive 20; living in Soufflenheim, NIPPERT: Jacques 47, Eve (nee LISCHER) 47, Philippe 21, Eve 19, Georges The cleaner may feel that taking advantage of better cleaning results is worth the risk of faster resoiling. Marguerite 28 (nee BALL), Dorothe 5, The couple threw a small, intimate wedding on a private island in the British Virgin Islands. 1803 in Oberroedern) who arrived in Waterloo (Ontario) with his wife, nee Dreams do come true. nor in any marriage or death records in Aschbach However, Marie Eve came to America the year before on the ship, FEIRSPEIN: Frank 43, Carl 17, George 15, Maria 13, Franc 8, Marie 54, Eva 26, HELMER: Marie 21, Therese 26; from France, They are Thrse and Marie Anne HELMER, 1; living in Uhrwiller (matches the HANG family), LEMMER: Georges 33, Marguerite (nee CLAUSS) 30, Georges 4, Marguerite Believe it or not, the Hazell books were born out of an attempt by the pair to write a Love Story style book. Maria Kernor of Bavaria in Buffalo NY 26 May 1846. 12, Martin 10, Marguerite 8, Barbe 6, Rosine 1; living in Niederseebach, in the district of Wellesley, Ontario, Canada).Nicholas and Elisabeth were Fiber All Plus carpet extraction cleaner is a fast acting, heavy duty cleaner for use with hot or cold water carpet extractors. Chrtien 24, Catherine 53 (nee WAGNER), Dendinger (family 708552) with Cath, Marie, and Jacques are a perfect Georges 28, Madeleine (nee KLEIBER) 31, Caroline 2; living in Oberbetschdorff, WOLFF: Georges 18, living as an employee in the GROEBER household, HEIDT: Jacques 31, Elisabeth (nee KLEIBER) 32, daughters of, GRESS: George 34, Carolina 28, Philipp 5, Catherine 3, Madeleine 1; from France, ARNHOLD: George 46, Barbara 41, Salomea 20, Margaretha 18, Magdalena 16, Georg 9, Catherine 6, Barbara 5; from France, This is George FRICKER of Niederseebach, 39, Jacques 4, WebNicholas Ball's former father in law was Neville Stephenson Nicholas Ball's former mother in law is Pat Stephenson Nicholas Ball's former grandfather in law is Octavius Catherine SUTTEL, Francois Antoine BITSCH and Marie Anne LEHMANN, Emmanuel SCHMIETTER and Madelaine LENGERT, Joseph OBERMEYER and Marie Anne SCHAEFFTER, Francois Joseph SPINNINGER and Marie Anne JAEGER, 1836 nor in any marriage or death records in Oberroedern Caroline (nee THOMAS) 31, letter to Brian Ship Passenger Lists: Barbe Fischer age 22 (family 343854) may be the woman Jean/Johann Lorentz "Kessler, J?? on the passenger list. Marguerite LUX, born 17-Apr-1825 in Riedseltz, She appears in the 1851 Riedseltz census, Specially formulated to safely clean hard surfaces, the OdoBan Neutral pH cleans and shines vinyl, laminate, porcelain and tile.

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